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The OG Supervan was first seen at Brands Hatch in 1971 and was based on a 3rd-generation Ford Transit, well from the outside. Inside it was completely custom, basically a cage of sorts with a 5.0-litre V8 sourced from the GT40 and this was mated to a four-on-the-floor 4-speed transmission and all 435 hp was directed at oversized rear rubber. It was the looks of the van that garnered worldwide attention, because it was awesome, appealing to race fans and regular Joe at the same time. The Supervan's aerodynamics were also enhanced with a custom body kit, including a rather prominent front splitter and a large rear spoiler, ensuring downforce in numbers that a van has no business having. The livery showcased Ford's racing heritage with the iconic blue and orange Gulf Oil colours. Since then, the Supervan has undergone several transformations, each version pushing things even further. Supervan received upgrades to improve aerodynamics, along with enhanced suspension and updated technology. We recently saw Supervan 4 at Goodwood Festival of Speed, and it was the modern equivalent of the 1971 unveiling with everyone instantly loving it. It featured nearly 2 000 hp created by a set of four electric motors, and its silent blast up the English countryside hill in West Sussex showed that it’s as fast as it looks - and it looks awesome.

Ford Performance and STARD Advanced Research and Development return with SuperVan 4.2 with the sole intention of conquering the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. SuperVan 4.2 features a complete redesign of the aero of the lightweight carbon fibre rear spoiler and front splitter, as well as weight reduction to improve balance and agility. There’s a revised regenerative braking system with carbon ceramic discs, forged magnesium wheels, upgraded driveshafts, a perspex windscreen, and a minimalist race-spec interior. Refinements were made to the powertrain that saw engineers remove one of the STARD UHP 6-phase motors, leaving just three in play. This gives the van an optimal power-to-weight ratio while still sending power to all found wheels, but this time a single motor drives the front wheels. The result is over 1 050 kW of power (in excess of 1 400 h) available to tackle the American hill. “Together with our STARD partners, we have built the E-Transit SuperVan 4.2 to be a truly competitive machine focused on getting to the top of the mountain quickly,” said Mark Rushbrook, Global Director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “The Pikes Peak Hill Climb presents the perfect opportunity to showcase Ford’s electric vehicle technology and bring light to EV Performance. “The Ford Performance and STARD teams have been hard at work optimizing SuperVan 4.2 for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb,” said Mike Norton, WRC Program Supervisor & Motorsports Regulations and Homologation, Ford Performance. “From the aero to the revised electric powertrain, I believe our run times on the mountain will be worth tuning in for.”

Take a look at the YouTube video that gives us a sneak peak into the latest incarnation of Ford's iconic Supervan. Now at version 4.2, Supervan has progressed with the times to be an all-electric race van that is now already on a second generation of electric power that saw the power drop from nearly 2 000 hp down to a "mere" 1400 hp, but at the same time shaving weight for better performance: Let testing commence. #SuperVan4 | Ford Performance

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