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BMW seem to love releasing cars with controversial styling, no matter which famous name designer is heading up the design department. The questionable styling started with the Chris Bangle-penned BMW M5 which had a bit of a weird rear-end that’s actually sought-after these days oddly enough and in more recent times the focus was on the oversized designs of the iconic BMW kidney grille. The latest car has been the butt of many a joke and meme is the G87-code BMW M2. The new design was so different from its predecessor that it could have been a whole new car range within the brand’s lineup. While the interwebs lost its mind when the car was released with that completely new look, BMW really didn’t care about the public’s reactions to the car. They stuck with their rigid “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” mantra. On the plus side, it gave a host of reputable aftermarket companies a gap to make better-looking options and a chance to make some good money off a popular design. As with most of the weird styling, it does tend to grow on you, well it did for us, and if we ever manage to wrangle a new BMW M2 for ourselves, we’ll spend many hours online looking for new styling bits. That leads us to Vorsteiner, a well-known aftermarket tuning company that makes some amazing body kits for many range-topping models, as well as an amazing range of wheels that are the usual choice for chaps with a massive disposable income. 

To help save new G87 BMW M2 owners from the laughing and pointing when they arrive at any kind of event, Vorsteiner has created a new body kit for the car. There are quite literally no details on what you see in the images, the company is yet to release a detailed press kit and pricing. These pics were shared via their CEO Peter Nam’s VorsterinerPeter Instagram account, and the only detail given is that the kit is made from carbon fibre. We can make out a new grille, a new bonnet, a lower front splitter, side skirts, a rear replacement boot lid with an incorporated spoiler a la the CSL, a rear lower spoiler, and some splitters. While these teaser images don’t show it, the company has an amazing range of lightweight wheels that will properly complement the car and the body kit. The parts available are of the highest quality, as you’d expect from a company that’s been doing this since 2014 - every Vorsteiner product is rigorously tested and has to pass a highly-detailed quality control procedure before leaving the on-site Vorsteiner factory and having them worthy of the Vorsteiner name. We’ll bring you more details of this body kit as and when they release, but knowing what people here in SA have to fork out for a set of decent Vorsteiner wheels, the whole kit and caboodle will likely cost as much as a small daily runaround car.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off a bunch of awesome cars that have had a bit of the famed Vorsteiner aftermarket treatment. The company caters to the most elite of automotive brands and models and the parts and accessories they create can completely transform the looks of a car - the new BMW G87 M2 is one new car that needs all the help it can get, and the Vorsteiner option is one of the best we've seen to date. You won't find it in this video thought, we're also waiting to find video evidence of the awesome visual upgrade: Exotic Summer Days at Vorsteiner | A Compilation of Supercars | Vorsteiner

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