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Check out these car modification trends that were cool at the time but quickly got completely out of hand!

As much as people will tell you that you can do whatever you want to your car and don't listen to others as your car and personal taste is an extension of your personality and so on. Yeah, that is without a doubt true, but it comes to a point where you are not doing yourself, your car or even the car community any justice!

Here are some car modification trends that quickly got completely out of hand:

  • Fender Flares & Wide Body Kits

Seeing a widebody JDM build is without a doubt a treat for sore eyes. There have been and still are amazing widebody builds out there that are completely breathtaking. However, in 2022, if you go to any major car show, it is almost at that level whereby a clean minimalistic build is even rarer than ones who have wide-body kits. It's at that point whereby wide-body kits need to be dialled back a bit to retain diversity and exclusivity in the car community.

  • Crackle Maps & Tunes

A Crackle map and or tune is a software mod that you do to your car that allows it to essentially backfire loud pops, bangs and even spit out some flames. At the time, this was a really fun mod to do and would bring the biggest smile to your face when you're driving about. But it soon got incredibly irratating even for the owners of the cars. Nowadays, it is even noticeable that people have toned down the crackly map mod by quite a substantial amount already. But will it die out completely? Most probably not.

  • Sticker Bombing

Sticker bombing, we are all most probably guilty of this in one way or another. This trend reached its peak in around 2014 to 2015 when it was commonplace to completely cover an entire fender, bumper, or even window with as many stickers as you couple possibly fit. This soon got old very quickly and it's almost completely dead.

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