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They say age is simply a number and that some things get better with age. Well this Lola T70 MkIIIB is from the magical year 1969 and even though it's 46 years old, it's still an amazing mechanical masterpiece, that's stood the test of time!

Lola Cars International Ltd. was a racing car company founded in 1958 by Eric Broadley and based in Huntingdon, England. Enduring more than fifty years, it was one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of racing cars in the world. Lola Cars started by building small front-engined sports cars, and branched out into Formula Junior cars before diversifying into a wider range of sporting vehicles. 

Of the many racing cars created by designer Eric Broadley during more than four decades at as the head of Lola Cars, the T70 was the most successful and it went on to win races at all sorts of venues under a variety of regulations. First introduced in 1965, the T70 involved some chassis details that had quite the resemblance to Ford's famous GT40. This was because the initial GT40 design owed much to Broadley and his 1962 Lola Mk 6 GT sports-racing coupé was often regarded as the prototype Ford GT40.

The first T70 a Spyder version, was completed in 1965 and driven by 1964 Formula One world champion John Surtees. The monocoque structure and suspension were similar to the GT40, but minus a roof, even so the steel and aluminium Lola was substantially lighter than the Ford thanks to careful ‘weight engineering'.

With the T70 Spyder doing well, Lola's development group got to work on the T70 MkIII B, which included plans for a coupé version like you see featured here. Broadley's new Mk III had better aerodynamic properties than the GT40, which tended to display alarming lift at high speeds.

Although Lola was a successful enterprise, its works competition budget was far from bottomless, and the company never fielded a formal works team. Endurance racing success eluded Lola T70 racers almost every time it went out. The famous exception was at the 1969 Daytona 24-hour, when Mark Donohue and Chuck Parsons drove a Penske Racing MkIII B to victory.

Acclaimed as certainly one of the most beautiful sports prototype cars of all time, the Lola T70, particularly in coupe form, is regarded today as the car to have, especially if you want to race and win in the vintage categories of motorsport. The owner of this beautiful Pinewood green example knows this well and this beauty has competed in multiple races, usually placing very well. The Lola has always been a prime choice for privateers in racing, as factory Ferrari's and Porsche's of the time where almost completely unaffordable.

This majestic racecar is equipped with a Ford Racing engine, that produces a meaty 612HP, which is quite ludicrous in a car that weighs almost nothing, and has no driving assists like traction control or ABS; a real drivers car then. The car also runs a race exhaust, a Setrab oil cooler and K&N air filters, allowing that beast of an engine to breath as much air as possible. Coupled to the motor is a Ford Ricardo 6 speed synchro transaxle gearbox.

Traction is key in any racecar so this T70 runs some super sticky Goodyear Eagle racing slicks that are wide as hell, and they are wrapped over the specially made, black painted race wheels, with polished dishes, that contrast perfectly with the car's deep, rich paintjob. Genie Racing decals are placed all over the car, making sure that the competition knows exactly who's beating their asses during one of the classic car races it competes in regularly.

Inside the very tight fitting cabin, it's all business, with a race seat, accompanied by TRS racing harnesses that will keep you strapped down at all times. On the dash there is a control panel for thing like ignition, fuel select, lights etc while a Motec display keeps you in check with things like RPM and speed. Lastly there's a square OMP steering wheel in Alcantara, so you can point this car in whatever direction you want it to go.

This Lola is without a doubt one of the most beautiful racecars ever created and in the pits and as well as on the track, not many cars looks as intimidating as this 1969 superstar does. With that 612HP motor pushing it on and that sleek, bold, curvy body, it's definitely something to be respected and definitely a proper demon to be reckoned with.


Car Specs

Model: 1969 Lola T70 MkIII B
Power: 612HP
Engine: Ford Racing V8 motor, Racing exhaust, Setrab oil cooler, K&N filters
Drivetrain: Ford Ricardo 6 speed synchro transaxle gearbox
Wheels: Goodyear Eagle racing slicks, Custom made black race wheels, with polished dishes 
Exterior: Pinewood Green paintjob, Genie Racing Decals
Interior: Racing seat, TRS harnesses, Dash mounted switch panel, Motec display, OMP steering wheel




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