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Do you remember when Chris Harris drove the Porsche 911 customised by Singer? No? Well, here's how it went down.

As Chris Harris says, "To some people, mainly Porsche people, this is the most desirable car you could own. Singer comprises a bunch of zany, brilliant Porsche-files who have invested their lives in re-imagining the classic Porsche 911. We tour the factory, speak to the team and drive it on road and track."

The man behind the Singer, Rob Dickinson, describes his vision, saying that his cars are a combination of the best engines, brakes and chassis of the air-cooled era of 911s, but there is a ton of high-quality bespoke parts manufactured specifically for these cars. That's obviously why people are so passionate about his vehicles.

Harris agrees, and that's why this visit to the Singer factory was on his bucket list, getting to drive one of these spectacular cars through the twisties of California and then around a track in the desert is the cherry on the cake.

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