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It's one of the most common modifications that those of us do on a project car, but how much do you know about the coilovers you're installing? Here is a complete guide to lowering your vehicles ride height.

There is much more to lowering your vehicle than just chopping up the springs and hoping for the best. If you want to do it properly, your best bet is to research and learn as much as possible so you can make the correct choices.

When it comes to coilovers, there's a lot to learn. Thankfully, Zac from Donut gives us the complete lowdown on this episode of Money Pit. the show where "...each episode we’ll breakdown how each component works and then upgrade it."

There are many benefits to modifying your suspension setup. Firstly, the correct setup will enhance the vehicle's handling characteristics by stiffening the ride and adding more grip. Depending on your current suspension, this can be a big change from the soft and comfortable stock suspension.

The lowered ride height also, usually, improves the look by reducing the space between the tyre and wheel arch. But, often, this will mean having to roll the latter inwards to prevent the tyres from rubbing on the bodywork. Fortunately, Zac knows just how to do that.

There is also a lot of terminologies that many of us don't understand. Once again, Zac explains all of this to us in layman's terms – with pictures and animations – so that even the least technical among us can grip. Things such as "threaded body, adjustable damping, pillow ball, ride height, remote reservoirs, spring rate, pressure, rebound." There's more; hydraulic resistance, gas chambers, cavitation, "what does it all mean?"

Once the vocabulary lesson is over, Zac then shows us how to install the coilovers before hitting the road for a test drive.

If you want to learn all about how to lower your car the right way, then this complete coilover guide is the place to learn. Hit that play button now and enjoy!

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