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Let's have a look at the complicated F1 steering wheels and explain what all those buttons are actually for.

Much like other forms of well-known motor racing, technology has a huge influence over the sport. What might be the latest and greatest now in terms of F1 steering wheels, might not necessarily be what is used next year. Furthermore, most of the technology in F1 is classified as they don't want their opposition teams to get hold of what they are using. 

However, older versions of F1 tech, such as a steering wheel used a few years back, usually isn't such a secret anymore, which gives us great insight to what it is all about.

Unlike more basic versions of motorsport, F1 cars are incredibly customizable in terms of suspension setups, traction control, aerodynamics, power, drag reduction systems (DRS), communications and loads more! And some of these can be controlled by the driver during a race just by hitting a button or two on the steering wheel.

Furthermore, modern F1 steering wheels also have a large screen that gives feedback to the driver, such as brake and tyre temperatures, the stresses exerted on the car and the driver, as well as your current tyre conditions.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, WTF1, on F1 Steering Wheels Explained - What Do ALL The Buttons Actually Do?

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