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F1 world champion, Jody Scheckter, reacts to Jeremy Clarkson's F1 rant video and gives his opinion of the state of F1 today.

About a year ago, DriveTribe uploaded a video of Jeremy Clarkson ranting and raving about the current state of Formula 1. He said that the sport is not exciting anymore and that more dangerous driving needs to be promoted to keep spectators and new fans excited and thrilled at the legendary motorsport.

Jeremy Clarkson says that the rules and regulations implemented by the FIA are killing the sport, and that drivers need to have more leeway on being aggressive when making their moves on the track during a Grand Prix race.

But what do actual Formula 1 world champion drivers actually think of this? South African Formula 1 world champion, Jody Scheckter, who raced for Ferrari and was involved in F1 from 1972 to 1980, watched DriveTribe's video on Jeremy Clarkson, ranting about Formula 1, and gave his professional opinion as an avid spectator of Formula 1 today.

To your surprise, he largely agrees with Jeremy Clarkson on a lot of the points he brings up about the restrictions on the motorsport in modern Formula 1 Grand Prix races. 

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, DriveTribe, On F1 World Champion Scheckter reacts Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson's F1 Rant Video.

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