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Current Williams Formula 1 driver, George Russell, has been showing great progress over the last few Grand Prix races. And, although he is in close talks with Mercedes AMG for a potential seat, he has revealed that he won't shut down opportunities from other major players such as Red Bull.

Current Red Bull Formula 1 advisor, Helmut Marko, said: "Russell is certainly worth considering with the performance he is now showing at Williams. The only thing is, that's so utopian because if Mercedes let him go, that would be such a faux pas, that I honestly can't imagine it." Marko added.

Russell stated: "I always try to keep every relationship open. I'm not someone who likes to slam doors. If someone invited me for a chat, I wouldn't say no. You never know what will happen in the future."

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, believes that Mercedes will keep Valtteri Bottas on for at least another season after 2021. He said, "Mercedes currently have the pairing (drivers team) that delivers best when it comes to balance in the team, and the knowledge of how they can develop their car. At some point that will change. I won't be here forever, and neither will Valtteri. But for the moment, we have done so well over the years, we will continue to do so. I have always said that, overall, Valtteri is the best teammate I have ever had. And when I say that, I mean not only the performance but also the morale in the team and how we work together."

Is time ticking for George Russell? Some believe he is growing increasingly more interested in other teams, while others can't believe he will ever turn away from Mercedes' carrot at the end of the stick.

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