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Here is how a modern Formula 1 clutch works, and how it differs from that of a standard road car.

Much like a conventional road-going clutch, a Formula 1 clutch serves a very similar purpose, that of allowing the engine to run while the drive shaft is either connected or disconnected to the drive train.

However, a modern Formula 1 clutch is not used for changing gears. Thanks to modern sequential gearbox technology, a Formula 1 clutch is significantly lighter and far more simplified, regardless of its outrageous $7,500 price tag!

But, if the Formula 1 clutch is not used for changing gear, then why do they need to be used at all? Clutches still play a vital role in preventing the engine from stalling at the start of a race, and during pitstops as well.

Formula 1 clutches are only made by two manufactures in the world, AP racing and ZF Sachs. Both adhere to the standards of what Formula 1 requires, and develop their clutches with carbon fibre composite clutch plates and titanium frames. Traditional road-going clutches average out at being around 8kg, while a Formula 1 clutch weighs in at around 1.4kg

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Driver 61, on How A Formula 1 Clutch Works.

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