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This is how Formula E is improving the technology of your future car.

When you think of the number of sponsorships, money, research and development and technology is invested into top international motorsports such as Formula 1, Motor GP, Le Mans and Formula E, a lot of people assume it is purely for entertainment purposes, but the reality is far more in-depth.

Car manufacturers are constantly researching and developing new and innovative technologies to adapt to their cars to help in many aspects such as fuel consumption, more power, electric technology, modern tech features and safety with the common goal of manufacturing at a lower cost. Furthermore, car manufacturing is an incredibly competitive market and if you are able to offer exciting new features then you have a priceless advantage.

Automotive manufacturers that are involved in motorsport such as Formula 1 have a huge advantage as they have hands-on experience with the latest technology that can and will eventually be inherited down to the consumer car.

The electric cousin of Formula 1, Formula E is no different. With the demand and appeal for fully electric cars increasing almost on a daily bases, electric car technology is growing at an exponential rate and thanks to Formula E, electric car manufacturers also have the benefit of researching and developing ambitious technology to be competitive in motorsport.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Driver61 on How Formula E Is Improving Your Future Car.

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