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Has Grand Tourismo 7 paid more attention to the car customisation options?

Gran Tourismo has always been more of a driving simulator rather than a video game and the developers aimed towards keeping things as realistic as possible, however, even though their racing and car options are fantastic within the simulator, the car customisation possibilities have always sucked, to say the least...

The most Gran Tourismos in the past have offered in terms of car customisation is a colour change, rear spoilers, a few bumpers here and there, wheels and of course engine and performance upgrades. But that's about it really. But does Gran Tourismo 7, the latest and greatest next-gen car racing simulator suffer the same fate?

Well, no. Not by a long shot!

You will be pleased to hear that Gran Tourismo 7 has taken car customisation options very seriously in their latest instalment!

You can now purchase wide-body kits for your car, front and rear splitters, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, suspension, height adjustments, headlights, lightbulb colours, custom number plates, rear spoilers with insane amounts of customisation possibilities, rear wiper deletes, window tints, side mirrors, wheels that include rims, rim sizes, offset adjustments and a few more as well. You can also express yourself by creating thousands of different liveries as well.

Head over to the tuning shop and you'll feel in heaven with all the performance and engine tuning you can apply to your cars.

Not to mention, the paint shop where you can choose hundreds of different OEM car colours from various manufacturers and even create your own with base coats, metallic, precedent paints and even colour shifting paints as well.

Unlike most other racing games, Gran Tourismo 7 has one of the largest selections of cars ever! With over 420 cars, you will never run out of options to get creative with car customisation possibilities!

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