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Air suspension is, without a doubt, dope has hell! With the fact that you can control the ride height of your car at the push of a button, and bag out wherever you want, not to mention some quality setups where you can control the dampening from inside the cabin of your car.

But, with all this technicality and complexity involved with air suspension, some setups require an onboard air compressor with a canister. Where do you store it all?

There are three main components you have to find a home for, including the compressor itself. This usually requires a solid foundation, as the base has suspension bolts to absorb as much noise as possible. Then you have a large air canister that holds and supplies compressed air to the bags in the suspension struts, and you have the management unit as well.

The most obvious place to store these would be in the trunk but there are some considerations involved. You can't simply bolt them onto your floorboard as it's far too flimsy and won't secure it properly. What you want is a solid piece of wood that is cut to the right size to fit snug over the factory floorboard, which you can bolt your setup too. But a car with aftermarket air suspension is usually your showcar, so you want to make it look pretty too!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Ikigai Driven, on Airlift 3P Install on a 350Z - The complete guide (Custom floorboard, tank, compressor, bag setup).

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