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I have to admit, unlike the SXdrv boss man, I’m not that into bikes. I can of course appreciate them and what they’re all about. Over the years I’ve seen some amazing and rare two-wheeled machines worth millions of rands, and they’re absolutely stunning pieces of engineering. I do have a favourite superbike, cruiser and enduro bike. On the enduro side, I’ve always liked the look of the Austrian KTMs, but a while back I was commissioned to shoot a round of the BMW Motorrad qualifying events for a rider competition world finals. These riders are properly fanatical, and the things they can do on the bikes are amazing. I was rating the KTM on looks alone, and it remained my favourite enduro bike. Until now. BMW Motorrad has just unveiled its new range-topping enduro, the BMW M 1000 XR. The main thing in the name is that M, it means the bike has been fetled with by the same kind of design and technical team as the ones that create M-Performance cars. This XR is a stunning machine, and if I were in the market, I wouldn’t even entertain the white version. It’s cool and all, but the black finish is just brilliant. "The M XR is the third M model from BMW Motorrad. Based on the current S 1000 XR and S 1000 RR, the product substance of the M 1000 XR - M XR for short - has been tuned to meet the specific requirements of a long-distance sports bike. The riding dynamics speak for themselves, both on the country roads as well as on the race track and on long-distance journeys", says Dominik Blass, M 1000 XR Product Manager.

The new BMW M 1000 XR has a lot going for it, unlike the GS range of enduro bikes, this one doesn’t have a boxer engine, instead it has a 4-cylinder lump based on the BMW RR superbike. This means it has 148 kW and 113 Nm of torque on tap, and thanks to that M badge, this is 23 kW more than in the new S 1000 XR. The transmission features shorter gear ratios to better exploit the power. The XR features an optimised intake system with variable intake funnels for improved charge exchange at high engine speeds, a steeply angled titanium rear silencer with a carbon end cap, an M Endurance chain, M winglets, upside-down forks with adjustable spring base in conjunction with standard DDC, M brakes (a 1st for a BMW enduro bike), aluminium forged wheels (carbon available as an option), an M handbrake and clutch lever, an adjustable steering damper, a milled-over handlebar clamp, front-oriented tubular handlebars featuring laser-etched "BMW M XR" lettering, optional handlebar end mirrors, a new instrument cluster with a 6.5-inch TFT display, a lightweight M battery, a rear USB charging socket, powerful LED light units, electronic cruise control, heated grips and Keyless Ride. An M Competition Package is available as an ex-works option, as well as a host of optional extras - typical for any BMW product it seems. It’ll be expensive, the local BMW Motorrad site has the thing listed from R397,150, but that may change with taxes and the exchange rate.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the all-new BMW M 1000 XR, what could quite possibly be the best enduro bike to date. Even if it's not, in black trim it's certainly one of the best-looking we've ever seen, and thanks to that famed BMW M badge, you know it's a marvel of engineering and design: The new BMW S 1000 XR and first-ever BMW M 1000 XR | BMW Mottorad

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