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The Toyota Supra has always been a popular car, but that popularity saw a massive increase in the late 90s thanks to the tuning potential of the Mk4 Supra. The Supra dates back to 1979 with the Mk1/A40 which had a normally aspirated inline 6 powerplant, the Mk2/A60 appeared in 1982 with a similar normally aspirated powerplant. The Mk3/A70 appeared in 1986 and by 1987 turbo induction was available for the inline 6, this was the 7M-GTE lump. It was a popular engine to modify, even now there are quite a few transplanted into other cars, and they make big power. In 1993 the A80/Mk4 Supra hit the market and it too featured a normally aspirated inline 6, as well as a turbocharged version. By the time production of the Mk4 Supra stopped, it had become massively popular, and the top-spec powerplant of choice was the now-infamous 2JZ-GTE. It was a strong motor but hugely undertuned, the best factory power was rated at 239 kW. Thanks to tuners like Japan’s Top Secret and HKS, it was found that some pretty serious power could be unlocked. With new driving games featuring these tuned cars, as well as the start of the Fast & Furious franchise, the Mk4 Supra soon became the JDM car to have. As a result, the car gained legions of fans around the world, and even more fans of the powerplant itself. These motors were exported around the world and have ended up in loads of record-setting drag cars, track cars and even stance cars. Even now, a good 30 years later it’s still sought after, and with the advancement in turbo technology, management systems and components, extracting 1,000 hp from one is pretty much par for the course.

The Mk4 Supra was discontinued in 2002, and everyone thought that was the end of the popular nameplate. Jump to 2019 and the Mk5 Supra was upon us, and JDM fanatics lost their collective minds. Not in a good way. At first, there were celebrations, but as soon as people found out the beloved Supra would be powered by a BMW engine, fanbois and internet warriors were distraught to the point of threatening to boycott the car. A few weird die-hards even bought the new Supra and swapped a 2JZ in. But it wasn’t too long before people realised how good the engine was, BMW origins and all. A bunch of the popular tuning houses started playing with them and the power seemed easy to extract. After a few revisions, the powerplant had 285 kW on tap in stock form, this German turbocharged 3.0-litre inline 6 started to look rather tasty. After a few years of development, they’re able to make the same power as the old-school lump but more efficiently at the same time. So what sets these motors apart? What’s the difference between the Toyota 2JZ-GTE and the BMW B58? A while back Stephan Papadakis from Papadakis Racing did a side-by-side tear down of the motors, but since then a lot more is known about the B58 and any shortcomings have been addressed. This time round it’s the chaps from That Racing Channel that gives us a rundown of the differences between the old and new Supra powerplants. It’s clear that technology and tuning processes have improved, and now you get to see how. Those JDM fans who were against the BMW tech sharing are now a dwindling bunch.

Take a look at the YouTube video that sees That Racing Channel's Jay Meagher outline the technical differences between the two different Toyota Supra powerplants, the timeless and increasingly rare 2JZ-GTE and the new-school BMW B58 lump - both turbocharged 3.0-litre inline 6 in structure, but quite different: Toyota 2JZ VS BMW B58 | 2JZ STILL KING?! (Detailed Engine Internal Comparison) | That Racing Channel

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