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Nissan’s newly revealed concept car at the Japan Mobility Show is quite the thing to behold. To make it even cooler, they gave it a boss name; the Hyper Force. It sure does sound like an anime series or a police force that Trump would name. While the car is a concept, which means pretty much anything goes and that explains why things are a little over the top. You can (sadly) rest assured that if this thing ever did make it to production, it will be tamed down by at least 1,000%. I guess that means it will look just like the brand-new 20-year-old GT-R 35. It seems the chaps in charge just can’t get past the car’s design, just check out those taillights. If you don’t recognise those and the wide rear haunches, you’ve never seen a GT-R. As you can see, a lot of attention was paid to aerodynamics with help from NISMO, but we’re not quite convinced it would pass any regulatory authority’s rules for streetcars. We do like it though. The two-tiered aerodynamic structure up front is for downforce and cooling performance, and the dual-level rear diffuser optimally controls airflow. The front canards, fender flips and both ends of the rear wing feature active aero functionality and a newly developed plasma actuator suppresses air detachment to maximize grip and minimize inner-wheel lift on tight twisties. The wheels are awesome,m reminiscent of the wheel covers made popular by Rotiform, except these aren’t covers, they’re one-piece lightweight forged carbon wheels that have that smashed carbon look, and their design helps direct airflow to the brakes for cooling. Even if the actual Hyper Force doesn’t make it to production, we hope at least the wheels will.

Seeing as this is a future-looking model, the thing is an all-electric affair, and a powerful one at that. At the core is an all-electric powertrain and the way it’s set up affords the car an optimal weight distribution. There’s an all-solid-state battery, and when needed it can churn out 1,000 kW of power that’s available in an instant, such is the luxury of electric power. Power goes to all four wheels and is controlled by an advanced form of Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology. The concept could be as fast as it looks. The thing has two drive modes, R and GT. GT is for Grand Touring and that’s the setting for the daily commute or heading out on holiday with the family (as long as there are only 2 in the family). R is for, you guessed it, Race. This is when things are tightened up and made more responsive. A driver can’t hide his intentions at a little traffic light robot race because in R mode the whole cabin lights up in red over the sedate GT mode’s blue. The interior is a place of wonder, those seats are just amazing, they’d look right at home under Picard’s ass on the UUS Enterprise. To cater to Gen Alpha troop who will be of car-driving age by the time cars like this hit the streets, there’s also an innovative augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experience that enables driving of the Hyper Force in both the real and the virtual world. When the car is parked, the driver can use a special helmet with blind visors for VR in a gamified driving experience that even allows the driver to compete against friends or even professional drivers’ digital ghosts on a circuit. It’s a car FFS!

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the new Nissan concept car that looks a lot like a GT-R of the future, and to make it even cooler they gave the car a name that sounds like it could have its own anime special, the Hyper Force. As much as it's a futuristic all-electric Nissan sportscar, the design cues really do hark back to the timeless R35 GT-R, and we can only hope that a version of this makes it into production one day: Reveal! Nissan Hyper Force concept | #Nissan | Nissan

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