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Jaguar is well known for the pretty fast vehicles they make on land, but now its hitting the open water too, in partnership with an off-shore powerboat racing team. 

Previously sponsored by Martini Racing, the team now takes on the name of Jaguar Vector Racing as it embarks on a journey on the Marathon A class of the British Powerboat Championship. 

The competition arm of the Vector powerboat brand will also undertake to break a dozen world records for both speed and endurance on the open water next year. As it stands, Vector has accumulated five UIM World Endurance Records, three for the European Championship and two World Championship titles. The speedboat packs a pair of 1,100 horsepower engines, nearly twice as potent as anything Jaguar makes, and can top out at 100 miles per hour. 

“The Vector team is very proud to be aligning with a great British brand like Jaguar,” said Vector CEO Mal Crease, “and to be joining such a technically pioneering partnership which will push the boundaries of performance and technical excellence.”

This isn't the first time we've seen Jaguar lend its name to a speedboat. The automaker crafted a conceptual motorboat to accompany the launch of the previous XF Sportbrake – which can be seen in the image gallery above – though that design never seems to have left the trailer and hit the deep blue.

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