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Former Top Gear presenter, James May, gets rid of his favourite car – his hydrogen fuel cell powered Toyota Mirai.

In order to appreciate what James May is going on about here, you have to understand the man himself. James May is, of course, a car enthusiast. But, it seems he has somewhat strayed off the path most of us are on. Not only is he a fan of the latest supercars and ultra-luxurious sedans, he is a big fan of alternate energy-fuelled vehicles as well. Alongside his fully electric Tesla Model S P100D, he too owns a Toyota Mirai, which is hydrogen fuel cell powered.

The Toyota Mirai has an onboard tank that uses compressed hydrogen to power an electric motor, which then powers the car. But James May said that the UK is far behind other countries with automotive hydrogen supply. This means that, quite frankly, it's a pain to own a hydrogen-powered car.

He expresses his love for the car and its comforts, and is dreading getting rid of his favourite car, but the time has unfortunately come.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, DriveTribe, on James May Is Getting Rid Of His Favourite Car.

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