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Elon Musk spills details on the Tesla Cybertruck while driving with Jay Leno.

Since the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck at the end of last year, more and more people have been desperate to learn about the Tesla SUV in terms of specs and features.

While being interviewed by Jay Leno, Elon Musk explains that he never creates a concept car that will be better and visually more exciting than the actual production car. He says he always feels a bit disappointed when other car companies create an exciting new concept car and then, when the production car comes out eventually, it is boring and unexciting. He said that Tesla will never do that.

He also said that the Cybretruck will have to reduce its overall size by 5% as it is currently a fraction too big to even fit inside normally covered garages. The windows are going to receive a lot more attention in terms of strength and are made from some sort of armoured glass to maximize safety.

Take a look at what else Elon Musk revealed about the new up and coming 2021 Tesla Cybertruck in the video with Jay Leno below, along with a couple of other brief clips of Leno and other guests.

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