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Learning to drift in a day? Is it possible for the SXdrv boys to get a handle on the art of driving a car sideways in such a short space of time? Let's find out in Part 2 of OverSteer.

If you missed it, Part 1 of SXdrv's OverSteer saw Chris, Mike and Roscoe arrive, in rear-wheel-drive cars, at the office in the early hours of the morning to be told to find their way to the Redstar Raceway for a day of drifting lessons.

Now, we join them at the track as they're introduced to Jim and Matt from XS Drift who'll be showing them the ropes. The proverbial handbrake is immediately pulled up on their excitement when Jim has a chuckle at the three cars they brought with them, a Mazda RX8, SXdrv's Veilside Nissan 350Z and (after Roscoe's Nissan 300ZX refused to start) a Chevrolet Lumina V8.

Needless to say, climbing into a proper drift-ready Nissan 350Z sets the tone and the boys soon realise they may be out of their depth. Not only is drifting counter-intuitive but they only have one day to learn the basics... what could possibly go wrong?

Click on the play button below to see how they fared and find out what plans they hatch as the drifting bug takes hold.

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