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It was the 2005 United States Grand Prix, and it was the worst Formula 1 race ever, let's find out why.

Ahh... the USA and its love of motorsport. One would think that, with the sheer number of petrolheads that line circuits around the country every weekend, Formula 1 would be a raging success in North America. You would be wrong though, as the US Grand Prix has always had a turbulent history.

To put this in perspective, the US Grand Prix has been raced at more venues across the states than other countries have circuits. In fact, in 1982, the States hosted three races that season, in Long Beach, Detroit and Las Vegas.

By 2000, though, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway had stepped up to the plate. They had created an infield road course that connected to one half of the banked oval and used the main straight too. The racing travelled in the opposite direction to Indicar, but it was fast, and that banked turn offered up something that no other track on the calendar had.

In 2005 though, after four successful years at the track, everything fell apart spectacularly. It began with the repaving of the course, which in turn lead to tyre compound issues with Michelin and a spectacular crash with Ralph Schumacher during qualifying.

As it turns out, Bridgestone had some inside info from their US partners, Firestone. They suggested using a harder compound on the diamond-cut surface. The issue, though, was that only three of the 10 teams were using the Bridgestone's and this caused upheaval in the paddock.

The Michelin teams demanded that changes be made for the safety of their drivers, but a stubborn FIA refused to budge. Eventually, as the parade lap ended, the Michelin teams turned into the pits and retired, leaving just three teams on the grid for the start of the race.

The crowd was understandably upset and demanded their money back. The FIA ignored their calls, but Michelin stepped in and got them free tickets for the following years race. Unfortunately, the damage was done and, within two years, the United States Grand Prix was no more.

It would take an all-new track in the Circuit Of The Americas and enough time for people to forget the 2005 debacle for Formula 1 to return to US soil. The video below by S1apSh0es on YouTube gives us an in-depth look at the worst formula 1 race ever.

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