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Lotus has revealed its first-ever SUV called the Eletre which delivers a crazy 600hp!

Lotus has a long history in car making and in racing. They have been around for 74 years, but this is the first time ever that Lotus has made a car with 4 doors and an SUV, and from what it looks like, they have made another masterpiece!

The Lotus Eletre is fully electric and features a 105 kWh battery that is good for 600bhp and a range of 373 miles before it needs charging again and weighs in at just over 2.2 tonnes.

Lotus has also claimed aboard the crossover SUV trend train and offered their take on performance, aesthetics and features and the Lotus Eletre is absolutely incredible in all three of those areas.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Carwow on the New Lotus SUV in-depth walkaround!...

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