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Like we have mentioned many times before, car modification is a lot like fashion in a sense whereby new trends come in and they go and that cycle repeats almosts on an annual basis and rightfully so!

However, there have been some car mods and features that have gone and have no light of ever being resurrected! But that actually is quite sad knowing that you might never again own a car with pop-up headlights for example, and yes we fully agree that that might not suit every car, but just imagine if the new Lamborghini Countach, for example, managed to fit them once again, just how amazing that would actually have been!

In the past, some car models and even their respective manufacturers were known for their key features that were designed into their brand identity, but in a flash, they all have seemed to have disappeared completely and getting them back would be nothing shy of awesome!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Ideal Media on Extinct Car Features That Need To Come Back!

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