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Here at SXdrv, we’re fans of MANHART and their builds. The famous German aftermarket tuner creates some of the best upgrade packages for loads of modern cars, especially the German ones, which makes perfect sense. They also have a dedicated section of the company that specialises in restomod projects on some of the most iconic cars of the past. With these builds they combine the best of modern motoring components and underpinnings with the best version of the classic car they choose to build. The package in question this time around has its focus on the hugely popular BMW M2, which is already a beast of a car in OEM form, but when MANHART decides to turn its attention to a car like this, the list of mods and changes can range from simple bits and pieces to a complete makeover. Also, whenever you see a full MANHART build, you know that it will have an exorbitant cost which makes sense because they do specialise in high-end cars and the components they use have as good - or better - quality as the OEM factory parts. The BMW cars we’ve seen from the House of MANHART have always been quite special and the MANHART makeover isn’t just limited to visual components, the company also has the expertise to fiddle with things under the bonnet and extract more power for the customer while keeping things safely within the right parameters to keep it reliable, even adding in a warranty on the work. MANHART components can also be bought separately and shipped around the world to be fitted by clients themselves, but that won’t count for the mechanical things. Not a bad thing as old Junaid in Chatsworth will have a mate with a workshop who will do the power upgrades anyway. The latest version of the BMW is admittedly not that amazing in the looks department, evident by the amount of aftermarket body kits that are available from a plethora of aftermarket companies that aim to make the car look as good as it goes. MANHART’s take on the visuals just works, well in SXdrv’s opinion, of course.

While BMW M2 owners from around the world will surely like what they see, the only drawback is that what you see here, the MANHART MH2 GTR II, is a one-of-one build. As said, the visual components would be available to customers around the world, but this complete package at MANHART is even more special. Like the first MANHART M2 GTR, the GTR II is just as unique. The first thing you see on this build is the colour, that Vibrant Magenta is just amazing, especially when paired with that set of champagne-coloured 20 and 21-inch forged RFS-02 Raffa wheels. The OEM calipers were given the same paint as the bodywork. The added MANHART decal set matches these and they contrast the magenta just right. The bodywork changes to the M2 include a MANHART hood attachment, a MANHART kidney grille, a set of MANHART front bumper inserts, a front spoiler, side skirts a diffuser, a MANHART spoiler lip and a large, fixed rear wing. The carbon mirror caps come from M Performance. The ride height and handling were sorted out with the fitment of a MANHART Variant 4 coilover suspension kit, powered by KW Suspensions. Inside, there’s a champagne-painted MANHART roll bar as well as a rear seat delete, because who needs backseat drivers? There’s also the addition of MANHART Schroth harnesses with belt tensioners and MANHART floor mats. The rest of the interior is all BMW M and that rocks. Under the hood is the fun stuff. There’s a MANHART carbon intake, an ECU remap and a few exhaust options. This one has the MANHART Sport-Downpipes with HJS catalysts and a MANHART stainless steel valve exhaust system with four matt black 100 mm tailpipes. Export markets where TÜV approval is not required can have MANHART race-downpipes without catalysts, MANHART OPF delete replacement pipes with HJS catalysts, and the MANHART OPF/GPF deleter. The current spec sees the MANHART MH2 GTR II push out 533 kW and 850 Nm - the 100-200 km/h in gear acceleration is now achieved in just 5.76 seconds. Nice.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the folks at Beyond Media as they take a close look at a BMW M2 with all the coolest MANHART bits on. We'd show you this latest project but the company still hasn't created new car content for over a year now. Someone named Karen should send them a strongly-worded email: Bmw m2 g87 manhart was unveiled with 560 hp : 2024 bmw manhart | Beyond media

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