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One of the most iconic names in the world of motorsport and extreme sports, Ken Block, has been gone for going on 16 months now. The professional driver and YouTube celebrity was tragically killed in a snowmobile accident on the 3rd of January 2023, but he left a lasting legacy that includes a host of specially directed and shot driving films. Together with the Hoonigan crew that he established, the team has been responsible for some of the best driving action footage ever shot, the majority of it was released under the Gymkhana banner. These custom-curated videos not only showed off amazing action and driving, but they were also a sort of CV of the man’s brand affiliations. Over the years Block was sponsored by and collaborated with many top brands which means motorsport fans could connect with him on many levels. Over the years we saw Block at the wheel of some of the best-prepared Subarus, Fords and Audi models ever created for motorsport use. The Gymkhana series of videos were brilliant, and they did a lot to garner new fans into the Hoonigan fold. Every single one of the uploads went viral and racked up hundreds of millions of views garnered spanning some 16 videos. They’re not all dedicated Gymkhana videos, but they all feature Block doing cool things in cool places, filmed brilliantly. Block had legions of fans who lived and breathed all things gas-powered, but Block was also responsible for pulling some electric vehicle fans into the fold and even converting those against the movement. With the world moving to electric power, Block’s partnership with Audi saw one of the most expensive purpose-built cars on the planet being created to be used in a new series of videos under the Electrikhana banner. A few months before his death, the first video dropped starring Block at the wheel of the Audi S1 Hoonitron. To date, it has over 9,200,000 views.

That was the last video we all knew about, but there was still one more to come. Block and the Hoonigan crew had actually planned and filmed a second Electrikhana video, and it was released on YouTube around a year after Block’s accident. So far the video has passed the 7,500,000 views mark. Motorsport fans appreciated the high-speed antics, making it a fitting end to the Gymkhana video series. When the video launched, we here at SXdrv did some YouTube searching to gather together a list of links to all the videos in the series. It wasn’t easy as some weren’t posted up by Hoonigan, they were posted up by the marketing agencies of the brands and companies that collaborated on the videos. As a result, some of the videos we found didn’t have the same quality. Our search found 14 videos, but there were 16 in total. We’re not sure why, but someone at Hoonigan recently did the same thing, but they went one step better, one huge step better. They sourced all 16 videos in the best quality possible and combined them into one anthology spanning 15 years of action. Now you can find all the videos at a single link on the Hoonigan YouTube channel, and all the action has been separated into chapters to make it easier to navigate to the ones you want to see or to be able to watch it in sections if you don’t have the time to watch it all in one go. This past weekend we watched the anthology in its entirety, all two hours and twenty-four minutes of it, but we’re the kinds of fans that border on fanatical. Thanks, Hoonigan, y’all rock! #KB43ver

Take a look at the YouTube video that now lets you see all of the legendary driving action from Ken Block's 15-year stint of creating the most entertaining motoring-related driving action. The kind folks at Hoonigan have combined the full anthology into a single upload - and that's just awesome: [HOONIGAN] KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA ANTHOLOGY: 15 Years of Automotive Action Film Excellence | Hoonigan

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