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Ok, so this major overhaul from MANSORY for the Mercedes SL isn’t only for the AMG version, it can be carried out on any version of it, but we like to think the result of this rework will have an AMG-fettled lump up front. While the visuals of the makeover are mainly in the bodywork and the interior, in true MANSORY fashion there are also tuning packages available to bump up the power on either version. In our heads, this is AMG through and through. So yeah, what all goes into turning the Mercedes SL into a wide-body monster? A fair amount. Mercedes has made the SL since 1954, the letter combination has stood for dreams on four wheels at Mercedes and each individual model series of the now total of eight generations has always been style-defining for its respective era, the car has appealed to roadster fans from all walks of life. One of our favourite incarnations is the 2008 SL 55 AMG, but this MANSORY-edition has just moved to the top spot of amazing German roadsters. MANSORY has designed and fitted numerous carbon fibre add-on parts for the front air intakes, below and to the side of the front apron, in the radiator grille, the sills, the wing mirrors and the rear apron. There are even carbon bits for the front windscreen frame, the side air outlets at the front, and the rear on the wings. The bonnet and a rear spoiler, as well as the wing extensions are also made from carbon fibre. While this is all brilliant, it also tips you off that this SL makeover will cost more than a pretty penny.

The makeover includes new wheels, and as you can see there are two designs that MANSORY chose for the car, but buyers can actually option any wheels in the MANSORY range which is quite extensive. The wheels pictured here are the FY.5 and the FD.15 and they’re in a split size with a size of 10.5 x 21 up front and 12 x 22 at the rear and they’re shod in 275/35R21 and 335/25R22 premium brand tyres. MANSORY’s individualization program also reworks the interior, and in the case of the SL there’s a complete redesign - every conceivable component is wrapped in the finest leather. The sewn seams can be adapted to individual colour tones to match the exterior paintwork. There are also numerous carbon inlays along with a leather-carbon sports steering wheel, floor mats and aluminium pedals and they all feature subtle MANSORY lettering. Under the new bonnet, MANSORY has some options too. The MANSORY PowerBox allows for two tuning options, the P720 and the top-spec P850 upgrade. While both tunes have the PowerBox and a newly developed 4-pipe sports exhaust system in common, the P850 also features larger turbochargers. The P720 adds 135 hp to the OEM power to take it up to 720 hp, as per the name. It takes the torque up to 1 000 Nm from 800 Nm, and this means there’s a new top speed of 325 km/h that’s up from 315 km/h, and it shaves 0.2 seconds off the 0 - 100 km/h launch, now coming in at 3.4 seconds. The P850 package sees a 264 hp increase to 850 hp, and the torque rises to a healthy 1 150 Nm. The top speed changes to 332 km/h and the 0 - 100 km/h drops to 3.2 seconds. Nice.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the GCarLover chaps as they walk us through the changes that have been carried out on this Mercedes-AMG SL by one of the masters in aftermarket tuning - Mansory. Sure, not all of their creations make you smile, some are a big cringeworthy but that's far from the case when it comes to the wide body conversion carried out on this open top Merc: Mercedes SL63 AMG by MANSORY | 850 hp | GCarLover

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