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The Mighty Car Mods guys have done it again! They have bought a new car unseen off the internet so you can expect more exciting mod videos!

It seems as if the new Mighty Car Mods seasonal trend is to buy a car on the internet and completely unseen then reveal it to their fans and then, of course, start modding the hell out of it!

Mighty Car Mods have just released a new video whereby one of the presenters, Moog, reveals what he has just purchased. A few seasons ago, Moog bought himself a Golf 7 R which they fitted a complete Revo performance kit on it, and then he sold it to buy the show's first supercar, a Lotus Exige, however, Moog says he misses his daily driver tremendously, so he went in search of something new yet similar!

Moog bought himself no other than a stunning Audi RS3! Although it shares similarities with the Golf R, the Audi is on a whole other level!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Mighty Car Mods on My New Car (Bought Unseen Off The Internet).

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