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The boys from Mighty Car Mods get down to upgrading the Lotus.

A few weeks ago, Mighty Car Mods made a rather controversial move by selling their heavily modified Golf 7 R to buy something else which sparked up a storm on their social media channels. But what they replaced it with was probably the most ambitious car that sits in the exclusive supercar chair. They surprised their fans with a limited edition Lotus Exige!

In the true Mighty Car Mods fashion, they will attempt to fix any minor issues on their newly purchased Lotus Exige supercar and, of course, do some modifications to the racecar as well. For you and me, the viewers, we will get to watch all the action happen in front of our eyes!

Stay tuned for more on this incredibly build!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Mighty Car Mods, on Fixing The Lotus - Let The Upgrades Begin.

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