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Take a look at the incredible skill of a driver who mountain drifts a Nissan 350Z in real life.

What looks like a scene recorded from a Need For Speed video game, or something behind the scenes of a Fast and Furious movie, this guy drifts his Nissan 350Z up and down a mountain in real life!

Now seeing something like this will always put a smile of a car guy's face, but mountain drifting is nothing unheard of. Drifting in itself is actually a lot different than you might think if you have never experienced it yourself, and by no means is it easy! As for us at SXdrv, we tried it out and failed miserably, which you can check out here.

But drifting down a mountain road is a whole other skill set, the roads are narrow, there is no room for error or you'll risk totalling your car, and worse, you could suffer serious injury! But, clearly, this guy knows what he is doing in his Nissan 350Z!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Filidrifts Tv, titled Nissan 350Z Mountain Drifting.

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