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Check out this video of a Porsche 911 Turbo badly hitting the kerb and then driving off.

We all know that feeling too well, you know the one I'm talking about when you get a brand new fresh set of wheels and then you hit a kerb. That feeling hits you on such an emotional level whether or not you drive a Porsche.

But this poor chap managed to hit the kerb quite hard, we're surprised he didn't damage more than just the wheels. Just after it happened you could see in the way he just kept driving on that either he didn't care for it much, or just really hoped no one saw that just happen but, thanks to cellphones, nearly every fail is captured by car spotters and then published almost immediately.

By no means is this a quick, cheap fix. OEM Porsche wheels are just a tad pricey, but nevertheless, even on my knockoff replica wheels, it will still suck big time!

Check out the video below of a guy in a Porsche 911 Turbo coming into a street corner a bit too fast and then hits the kerb quite hard, but nevertheless, continues to drive on as if nothing happened. The video filmer then goes on to inspect the damage of the kerb to give the viewers an indication as to just how hard the impact was.

Has this ever happened to you? Tell us about it.

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