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How easy is it to race through a course of orange cones using only the cruise control? Well, the guys at Donut decide to try it out. Losers have to eat the spiciest potato chip in the world! No pressure...

When you have to wear gloves to handle a potato chip because it's the spiciest in the world, you know eating it is not going to end well.

To avoid having to eat this death snack, all they have to do is successfully navigate a maze of orange cones. Easy, right?

With special guest, YouTube funny guy Gus Johnson, the pack of four splits into two teams, with the losing team the dudes who hit the most cones. But, there's a caveat, they must do the entire course with the speed control set to 20mph. If the cruise control deactivates, the driver must start again with the knocked-over cones from the first run still counting.

It's a nerve-wracking challenge, and the results might raise an eyebrow or two... Hit play below to check out the action.

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