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Sam, from YouTube channel SeenThroughGlass, gets to race Sebastian Vettel on an F1 racing simulator game.

Sam, the presenter of the YouTube channel, SeenThroughGlass, has always been a huge F1 fan, and bases a lot of his YouTube content around the extreme competitive sport of F1. In fact, you can watch Sam test drive a real F1 car here.

This time, he gets the rare opportunity to race four-time F1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, in an F1 driving simulator – to see if he could be of any competition to an F1 world champion, you know. As Sebastian Vettel familiarises himself with what should be second nature to him, Sam tries to distract Sebastian from delivering a solid time by asking him a bucket full of questions. As you would expect, they don't make a difference at all, although Sebastian humorously says that the F1 simulator is more difficult than the real thing.

Take a look at the video below of the outcome of Sam racing F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel on the F1 racing simulator game.

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