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It's time to see what these Russian dashcams have caught on film recently in this 2020 crash compilation.

Driving in the snow on icy snow is difficult, and many of the accidents in this compilation are just plain bad luck. But, this compilation of dashcam videos will have you wondering how some of these people are allowed on the road. 

From speedsters who jump red traffic lights to others who just don't look when changing lanes, the roads are full of incompetent drivers. This is made blatantly obvious when we have people turning right from the left turn lane, or merging onto the highway at surprisingly slow speeds.

Then, we have the road-ragers who are always up for a boxing match. Not exactly the smartest move when the vehicle next to you is a cop car, or the chap you challenge is an MMA fighter. Other pearlers are pedestrians who don't look both ways and end up walking into the sides of passing vehicles. The surprise on their faces is pure gold.

Ultimately, though, vehicle collisions are terrible things. One would think that by 2020, we would have better ways of driving in horrendous conditions, like snow and ice, so we would have fewer accidents. Until then, though, here is a compilation of Russian dashcam crashes to while away the time.

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