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We're not quite sure what to make of it, but there seems to be a proliferation of pink Aventadors lately as we've seen quite a few of them in the past few months alone.

Now, here's another example painted in the same pink colour: an LP720-4 50th Anniversary model, its output bridging the gap between the base LP700-4 and the LP750-4 SuperVeloce (or the revised LP740-4 S). It's also riding on a set of Forgiato's S202 wheels, with black rims and pink spokes and hubs to match the lipstick paint job.

This example, that can be seen in full in the gallery above, was spotted in Tokyo. Japan is one of the largest markets for high-end automobiles in the world, and Lamborghini even made a special version for it.

That limited edition Raging Bull didn't come in pink, through – which we believe is a good thing. But variety is the spice of life, or so they say. And, while it may not be everyone's favourite cup of joe, a pink Lambo is certainly spicy as hell!

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