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Date: 2017-05-22

Michelin has just released a statement urging car consumers not to replace their tyres so early!

According to the French tyre manufacturer, "there is no link between tread depth at 1,6mm and increasing accident rates".

In addition, the company pointed out that changing tyres at 3mm costs the driver more money AND increases carbon emissions - because a tyre "becomes more fuel-efficient as it wears". 

Producing more tyres unnecessarily will result in an additional 9 million tonnes of CO2, according to Michelin. 

"Tyres do not perform the same when new - and as a tyre wears, and the tread depth reduces, the difference in performance will change, and differences may be accentuated", claimed the company. 

According to the company, tyre performance is affected by individual factors - casing design, materials used, rubber compounds, tread design, the shape of grooves and sipes, etc. Modern tyre technology makes it possible to get high performance and grip from new, right down to the legal tread wear limit.

Therefore, says Michelin, changing your tyres early "does not guarantee greater safety!

Good to know. 


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