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Suzuki’s Hayabusa is a legendary motorbike, when it was first seen in 1999 it got the motoring world talking, two and four-wheeled. The bike was large and imposing and featured a large 1299cc 4-cylinder powerplant, which of course meant it was rather rapid. It wasn’t exactly a sports bike, it was more of a sports tourer, but its looks were ahead of its time and it quickly garnered a worldwide cult-like following. Front the front it looked like something out of Robotech (if your ID doesn’t start with a 19, you may want to Google that), and that massive Hayabusa Kanji logo was a most epic touch. It wasn’t long before it was seen on the forearms or shoulders of bikers. It also has the coolest name, Hayabusa just rolls off the tongue, well it’s easy enough that a Westerner won’t mess it up. The name comes from a Japanese falcon known for its speed and agility. Makes sense. Right now, the Suzuki Hayabusa is in its 3rd generation, the latest being released in 2021. Luckily, even though it was a good 22 years after the first generation, it kept true to the original styling, and that means it’s one damn good-looking bike. In 2024, the bike will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and we all know what that means… Special edition time! True to form, one was recently revealed in anticipation of the nameplate’s milestone anniversary.

The 25th-anniversary edition Suzuki Hayabusa features an orange and black-based body that owners of the regular version will be sure to copy in the near future. To make the bike different, it features a 25th-anniversary glass enamel emblem on top of the fuel tank, black moulding on the cowl with a special V-shaped decal, a single seat cowling as standard equipment, the SUZUKI thick logo decal on the sides of the fuel tank, a Hayabusa Kanji logo on the drive chain, a gold anodized brake inner rotor, a gold anodized chain adjuster and a  25th-anniversary logo on the exhaust. That last one is a doozy; the first modification any bike owner does is an aftermarket exhaust, but with such a cool logo on the standard exhaust it may think owners think twice. If it was us, we’d remove the stock exhaust and hang it up on display above the TV. “The Hayabusa series has been a flagship model representing Suzuki and has fans all over the world. We would like to express our deepest gratitude that this model is able to celebrate its 25th anniversary and that it has been continuously loved by everyone for this long. I have personally test ridden the prototype of the current third-generation model, and I am proud to say that we, the Suzuki team, can present to you the best model to date. The Hayabusa will never stop its evolution. We ask for your continued love and support.” says Suzuki President Toshihiro.

Take a look at the YouTube video taken at the official launch of the rather easy-on-the-eye 25th-anniversary edition Suzuki Hayabusa that has a bunch of cool changes to make it stand out from the rest, which is pretty hard to do because they all look great. There are rumours of a 300-unit production cap, but we haven't seen that in any official stamenets yet: OFFICIAL LAUNCH!! 2024 SUZUKI HAYABUSA SPECIAL EDITION 25th ANNIVERSARY | tumamoto

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