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At the end of 2020, the main man behind the massive website dedicated to the world of low cars, Mike Burroughs from StanceWorks announced his latest project car build. The man has always wanted a Ferrari 308, and after finding a 308 GTBi in Fly Yellow, he bought it with a few decent modification in mind. This would get all the purists up in arms because the plan was to chuck the motor from the classic Ferrari and replace it with a modern high-revving powerplant in the form of a Honda K24. Of course, not in OEM-spec, but rather a fully-built, fully-forged and boosted K24 with a very healthy 1 000 hp on tap. When the man builds a project, he documents every aspect of it, and the coverage of this project has been the most detailed ever. If you head to the StanceWorks YouTube channel’s playlists, you’ll find no less than a whopping 122 videos covering the build from the time the car was bought right up until the most recent ones documenting the tuning, the first drive and even the car’s first on-track testing. The car wasn’t given 1 000 hp for it to be simply parked off or shown at motoring events, far from it. Mike plans to drive the car properly, full exploiting every bespoke component fitted. It will be fast on track, and will give many other supercars a proper run for their money. In fact, even though this was a 3-year long build with more custom parts than we can list here, Mike has entered it in a round of the World Time Attack series which will see the car being driven at 10/10ths with a real risk of damage or even a complet write-off. We love this, building a trailer queen is one thing, but building a car so meticulously and still risking it is a legit flex.   

Besides the bespoke suspension and body work and chassis setup, the heart of the car is the K-swap, a 2.4-litre Honda K24 lump, but with everything you could possibly want done to it, a veritable wishlist of the best parts available, except that wish was granted. Boost comes from a Garrett G42-1000 turbo and it does duty under the control of a Haltech Nexus R5 and PDM system, with feedback on a Haltech IC-7 dash. There’s a Quaife QKE8J 5-speed sequential gearbox in play for cog-swapping duties, and it does a stellar job of it. The car is reigned in with AP Racing Pro 5000R brakes. So we’be brought you details of this build before, but the reason it’s back is because the StanceWorks chaps have condensed hours and hours of footage of the work carried out on the Ferrari over the last two and a half years into a 30-minute highlight reel of the main things done. As usual, it’s done in the stellar StanceWorks style, making it well worth a watch. It may pique your interest enough to go back and watch the full video series on the project, which we also recommend because it’s in-depth and shows the mistakes too, not just the good stuff. It’s also a great way to learn how to do things, and the mind of mental attitude (and budget) needed to do something on this scale.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Mike Burroughs that recaps the amazing and very detailed build process that saw the main man from StanceWorks transplant a fully-built turbocharged Honda K24 into his Ferrari 308. Not only has everything eventually come together just right, it was all done minus (so far) a lawyer's letter from Ferrari telling him he can't do what he wants with his own property: A Honda-Powered Featherweight Ferrari - The Full Build in 30 Minutes! | StanceWorks

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