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McLaren’s new 750S is something quite amazing, it retains the now signature McLaren supercar design cues while all the rights bits have evolved. To the untrained eye (ie: a non-car guy or girl or they or them or…) the front end looks quite the same as previous models, but when you get round back you can see the bum has evolved quite a bit, and is now definitely the best-looking McLaren supercar when viewed from any angle you can see it in. As expected, it’s under that engine cover where a bunch of changes have taken place, enough to make the 750S the most powerful McLaren to date. The twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 now features a flat-plane crank, and combined with lots of other technical wizardry, the powertrain is rated at a very healthy 552 kW with 800 Nm. That’s more than the iconic P1 makes if you minus the 132 kW of electrical assist, that is. It’s stupidly fast, too if Mclaren’s specs are to be believed and there’s no reason not to. It can hit 100km/h in less than 3 seconds and 200 km/h in 7.2 seconds. This means it should complete a quarter-mile run in a smidge over 10 seconds, but we’ll wait for the world’s automotive press to put the claims to the test. That’s ridiculously fast for a production car but expected when there’s a McLaren badge on the nosecone.

Now of course there’s no point in having a hypercar without spectacular paintwork, and the new 750S’s paint is exactly that. There are seven shades blended in a new-generation technique that Mclaren Special Operations calls the Spectrum Theme. Every shade makes use of new, specially-developed paint colours applied in what the company calls a Velocity Fade. The seven separate shades of colour create a tonal shift giving an illusion of light to dark within each individual stripe. “The Spectrum Theme takes what we can do at McLaren to the next level. A huge degree of attention and accuracy is required to ensure the lines of the Spectrum are completely sympathetic to the surface of the 750S’s incredible bodywork, and the new techniques we’ve developed to achieve this are a perfect match for the 750’s wide-ranging technical advances. The increasing complexity of what we can offer to customers, through themes like Spectrum, is testament to the incredible experience and expertise of our paint technicians at MSO.” says Michael McDonagh, Director of McLaren Special Operations. This new Spectrum is available in three variants, Spectrum Blue which you see here, as well as Spectrum Grey and Spectrum Orange. With MSO on the job, there are endless options to tailor the car’s cockpit to match the exterior paint, including vibrantly coloured leather trim, a bespoke dedication plaque and extended visual carbon fibre door sills with a hand-painted Spectrum graded effect MSO logos.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows a walkaround of the all-new (although it does look similar) McLaren 750S at the worldwide public debut of the car, and as it happens the car is covered in the rather visually pleasing Spectrum Theme by McLaren Special Operations. The same theme can be had in two other variants; Spectrum Orange and Spectrum Grey. We quite like the idea of the orange one, which is what we'll order when we win the US lotto WORLD EXCLUSIVE 2024 McLaren 750S Walk Around - PUBLIC DEBUT! | Miller Motorcars

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