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When the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny was released in 2018, the world went mad for the thing. The diminutive 4x4 featured an all-new box-like design that included styling from all the previous generations that ended up in a great-looking retro-styled 4x4 that had immediate mass appeal to 4x4 fans and regular commuters alike. The small but highly-capable 4x4 hit the world market running and ended up being such a sought-after car that even now in 2023 you’ll have to wait a few months for a brand-new one. It also introduced legions of buyers to the world of 4x4. The Suzuki Jimny had such cool looks that it was bought by people who had never driven on more than gravel roads, but after taking ownership they started doing short 4x4 courses and eventually weekends away in the wild. This here SXdrv writer is a massive fan of the Suzuki brand and will bite someone in the face to have his own Jimny in the driveway, it’s the perfect everything car even though it has a total (in my mind) of TWO drawbacks - space and power. I’ve only ever driven a Jimny with two occupants and so those “problems” have never been a concern. I have heard many people comment that they’d 100% buy a Jimny if it had four doors, and after yesterday they’re all going to have to put their money where their mouths are. On 11 Jan 2023, Suzuki revealed the all-new 4-door Jimny (5-door if you’re weird and count the rear access as a door).

While the current generation Suzuki Jimny is only the fourth in the model line, the compact 4x4 has been around since 1970. The recipe used was so good that it became one of those “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” things and it appealed to a sort of niche group of buyers around the world. The latest retro-styled incarnation expanded that exponentially, and Suzuki actually listened to fan criticism about space and so the design of a longer, more spacious model was initiated. Still careful not to deviate too far from the winning recipe, the Suzuki Jimny still looks the same in every way, it just has two more doors with a bit more length to accommodate. The 2-door version measures 1 645 mm in width, 1 720 mm in height and 3 480 mm in length with a decent 210 mm of ground clearance and a wheelbase of 2 250 mm. This new 4(5) door version has the exact same width, height and ground clearance, the difference is in the length, which is now 3 985 mm and that’s a good 505 mm longer. The wheelbase extends to 2 590 mm, a good 340 mm longer. It’s powered by the same 1.5-litre 4-cylinder with 75 kW and 130 Nm of torque running through either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission. We did expect a bit of a bump in this area thanks to a bigger body, so we hope the elongated 4x4 will still perform the same at altitude. Luckily the point of this car isn't speed, so that's a moot point in my books.

Take a look at the YouTube video from the reveal of the all-new, and first-ever, 5-door Suzuki Jimny that should do more amazing things for the brand. The world fell in love with the retro-styled 4x4 that launched in 2018 : 2023 Maruti Suzuki Jimny - 5 door Jimny coming in May! | Auto Expo 2023 | Autocar India

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