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The folk at Mansory have been on a roll lately with a host of reveals that feature outrageous makeovers and body kits and accessories made from forged carbon fibre. This latest release is way over the top, taking the already garish Lamborghini Urus to another level. It’s not the first time Mansory has fiddled with a Urus, in 2021 they released pretty much the same car you see here with the same style body kit, and it made the automotive website news feeds thanks to the end product not only looking rather mad but because the end product cost as much as the base Lambo used for the project. That SUV was called the Mansory Lamborghini Urus Venatus, and it’s quite hard to believe that the project could be improved on, but Mansory made a plan - a very big plan. While the firm is known for its big body kits and widened everything, the parts are all add-ons and if the owner ever wanted to revert the car back to stock it was possible with a bit of hard work. In the case of the newly revealed Venatus Coupé EVO C, a revert back to stock is no longer possible because the Italian SUV underwent proper structural changes.

Thanks to the effort that went into the Venatus Coupé EVO C, there will only be eight units made available to the world’s bazillionaires, and each of those will also be a one-of-one because they will feature enough changes between units to make them even more unique if you can believe that’s possible. This version gets the same big body kit as the previous version, except the bodywork undertaken was structural. The standard Urus was stripped of all four doors and then the B-pillar was moved backwards by exactly 200 mm in order to provide space for the longer front doors, which were also extended by 200 mm. The existing body kit was modified to blend into the new body dimensions and the result is what you see here, which is pretty damn impressive. To round off the side view there are now additional side air ducts made of full carbon in the entire area of the C-pillar. The Venatus Coupé EVO C has a bit of a tune on the engine side and the result is a power output of 900 hp and a massive torque figure of 1 100 Nm, which will take the SUV from a standstill to 100 km/h in 2.9-seconds and has a new top speed of 323 km/h.

Take a look at the YouTube video from a while back that takes a closer look at the mad Mansory creation, but what you see here is the first version that still had four doors in play, and if you're like us it's a perfect way to see the difference between the two versions and cements the point that the 2-door is way cooler: 2021 MANSORY Lamborghini Urus VENATUS - Interior, Exterior and Drive | RoCars

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