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Ever heard of Superplastic? We hadn’t, until now. It seems here at SXdrv we live under rocks when it comes to anything outside of the automotive world. We’ve been missing out on Superplastic because it’s actually quite famous, it’s a global entertainment brand made up of, get this, virtual influencers. Yup, a bunch of animated characters that have a worldwide following and have generated millions of dollars, somehow. This virtual crew includes Dayzee & Staxx who are NYC-based fashion-obsessed waitresses who find work as minimum-wage celebrity zombie hunters and are “new” to the crew. Then there’s Janky and Guggimon. Janky is sort of a fox who is a self-proclaimed streetwear icon that rose from homelessness to being a superstar in Brooklyn. Guggimon is the stuff of nightmares - an anthropomorphic rabbit of sorts from Montreal that wears masks to hide his anxiety, even though he’s described as a horrorcore artist and DJ that owns a record label. How we didn’t know this boggles the mind. The animated celebrities rake in the money, which makes us question our life choices.

These Superplastic celebs have teamed up with Mercedes-Benz and in the process have added a new mascot linked to the brand. The old-school Wackeldackel has now become Superdackel, and we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of the character in the Metaverse or whatever it’s called these days. Not familiar with Wackeldackel? G Mercedes-Benz fans will likely know; it’s a bobblehead Daschund that for some reason became popular with Mercedes owners in the 60s, often seen chilling on the rear parcel shelf nodding at drivers in traffic. The Superplastic crew “rescues” Wackeldackel during a dealership break-in, give him a modern-day digital makeover and then the trio kicks it through New York in an unidentified Mercedes-Benz before they all float off to meet a whale in space. Yeah, It is exactly as weird and trippy as it sounds, and we take it as proof that more people are into psychedelics on this planet than we think, especially in the creative world. We’re sure that pretty soon there will be physical toys to buy which means we’ll be seeing the new-gen Superdackel in modern Mercedes-Benz models and fully themed Superdackel cars in the aftermarket world.

Take a look at the YouTube video colab between the Superplastic stars and Mercedes-Benz in a weird but cool video that's probably best watched on mushrooms, not that we will ever condone the use of natural psychedelics: Road Tripz - Starring Janky, Guggimon, & Superdackel | Superplastic

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