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The Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 Formula 1 car is the most successful car the team has campaigned to date. It was originally due to debut in 2021 with its new changes from the previous car in terms of the new technical regulations, but that whole pandemic thing pushed things along and so the car was used for the 2022 season. The cars were driven by World Champion Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez, and the pair had an absolutely outstanding 2022 season. The RB18 car claimed a total of sixteen race wins, seven of those races saw the car take pole position, and the pair totalled an impressive twenty six podiums to amass a total points tally of 696 points. The cars not only impressed with the wins, but showed amazing reliability too, which is one of the most coveted achievements in the sport.

The RB18 is powered by a technological marvel when it comes to the engine and its specifications. The power unit is rated to produce a mighty 900 hp, which is even more impressive when you take into account that the engine has a capacity of just 1.6-litres. It’s a 90-degree V6 with 24 valves, boost from a turbocharger and can rev up to an unbelievable 15 000 rpm. Also impressive is that the whole package tips the scales at a mere 150 kg. After seeing off an early challenge from the Ferrari, Max Verstappen secured a record 15 wins to retain his driver’s championship crown, albeit with a little controversy for exceeding the 2021 budget cap which resulted in a massive $7 000 000 fine along with a reduction in future wind-tunnel testing. With the way the car can keep ahead of the competition that may not make any difference to the 2023 season as the car is already that good, and that fine is pocket change for the one of the sport’s richest teams.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows a bunch of the cool people who were involved with all aspects of the design and running of the winningest Red Bull Formula 1 car to date, the fast and flatout RB18: Farewell RB18 | Our Love Letter To Our Most Successful F1 Car | Oracle Red Bull Racing

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