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Fans of fast cars and drag racing the world over are familiar with the 1320 Video YouTube channel, which is one of the biggest there is that focuses on drag racing, street racing, roll racing and everything related to the industry. There are currently over 3 300 000 subscribers, and while that number is impressive, it’s sure to have a bit of a growth spurt thanks to their latest idea. The channel interacts with some of the world’s most well-known tuning houses and drag racers showcasing their cars in action at various events. They usually have a bit of a catch up with these racers and most interviews reveal that the cars seen in action are often part of a pretty well-sorted garage with more cars worthy of being seen on film. With the contacts, knowledge and skills amassed over the years, we’re expecting the channel will reveal some very interesting garages packed with some very special and rare cars. We’ve been subscribers of 1320 Video for years now, and we just made sure the little notification bell has been clicked because we really don’t want to miss any of this upcoming content - we’re suckers for garage tours. 

In a clever move, the channel decided to kick off this new sub-section of the channel by taking the camera crew to the main man of 1320 Video, Kyle Loftis to check out his current collection of cars. If you’re like us, then you’ve also probably been wondering what kind of car he would own considering he’s in the game. We’ve been following long enough to see the man’s progression from ok cars to the wicked all-white collection you’ll be introduced to in the video. It looks like this series will be different from the rest because the crew won’t only do an interview with beauty shots of the cars in the garage, they will actually go out in some of the cars to show their performance too. Fans of the channel will know that the 1320 Video crew often rides along with racers to document the street racing, and that format has carried over to the garage tour side of things. As you'd expect from a collection belonging to a man who has racing in his veins, all the cars are tweaked in some way or another with mods, and cars, coming soon. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that kicks off the new series of YouTube videos from the one of the biggest racing channels online who is now expanding to show garages and collections of the racers they interact with: 1320 Garages: Kyle’s 4,000hp car collection! | 1320video

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