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There’s a handful of small capacity manufacturers that create some amazing track-focused racecars that have amassed a cult-like following the world over. One of these is Radical Motorsport and they produce a very popular range of cars under the SR nameplate, and the car has evolved over the years with improvements to all facets to make it faster, sharper and more competitive. We know they can be ridiculously fast in the right hands, we’ve seen a few compete here in SA. In fact, one of the fastest time posted at the 2022 Simola Hillclimb was done in a Suzuki-powered Radical SR1 Prosport (with a little assistance from nitrous oxide) at the hands of well-known race driver Devin Roberston who took 3rd spot in his class with a sub-40 second run. Only a handful of cars have cracked the 40-second barrier. The SR1 is one of the older cars from Radical, and so we’re sure that in Devin’s hands the latest incarnation would be an absolute weapon. You can immediately see that the SR 3 XXR is way more advanced in terms of styling and aero, and that means under the skin there’s even more to make this the fastest and most advanced Radical to date. 

The spec list is brilliant, the SR3 XXR features revised LED lighting, an LMP-inspired central tail 'shark fin', lightweight wheels, an optional carbon fibre splitter and rear diffuser, AP Racing brakes and a multi-function steering wheel with built-in LCD display. The SR3 XXR can be had in single-seater configuration or with space for two, too. Owners have the option of Radical’s race-proven 1340cc or 1500cc 4-cylinder hand-built RPE racing spec engines and both make use of a 6-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and Quaife limited-slip differential. It’s the first Radical to be fitted with Radical Performance Engines' Generation 5, biofuel-ready, 232 bhp engine. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but you can rest assured it’s going to be a fair chunk of change because a rich history, years of experience and the best technologies aren’t cheap. Take a look at the full spec list below the video.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the previous version of the Radical in action on track, the SR XX. As you'll see, the track-focused racecar is brilliant with amazing handling, acceleration and cornering speeds, and when we eventually see the SR3 XXR in action it promises to be better in all ways: Radical SR3 XX - Gulf Radical Cup | Gulf Radical Cup

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SR3 XXR Specifications

Gen 5 RPE liquid cooled 4-cylinder, 16 Valve, 1340cc or 1500cc

Gen 5 RPE dry sump and cooling system

Gen 5 RPE coil-on-plug ignition system

Electronic Drive-By-Wire with optimized carbon airbox with OHFI 

Life Racing ECU 

XX-generation hi-flow racing exhaust system

Biofuel ready

6-speed sequential gearbox 

Paddleshift gear change with auto-blipper

Quaife limited-slip differential with reversing gear system

Lightweight FIA-spec spaceframe chassis with safety cell and crash structure

LMP-inspired, high-downforce composite bodywork with Le Mans pre-preg carbon composite mirrors

XXR-generation LED race lighting including FIA high-intensity central rain light

Bi-plane high-downforce track day rear wing and diffuser with XXR-generation rear wing endplates

Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length wishbones, adjustable pushrods

Lightweight uprights providing an improvement in durability

Interchangeable roll bars

Choice of bespoke Intrax fully adjustable damper

Radical 4-pot calipers front & rear - 280mm x 25mm fully-floating 48-vane disc brakes

2-seater chassis with twin or single-seat options, optimised for use with a moulded race seat insert 

XXR-generation Formula Wheel with integral LCD display, lightweight shift paddles and on-wheel switching.

XX-generation dashboard with waterproof, backlit momentary touchpad

Dash-mounted brake bias adjuster

XX-generation solid-state Power Distribution Module (PDM) with Controller Area Network (CAN) linked wiring and telemetry

XX-generation data integration and logging allowing additional data logging (see below)

Radical XXR design centre lock, cast aluminium wheels – 8" × 15" dia. front and 10.5" × 16" dia. Rears

Bespoke slick & wet tyre options

Convenience Pack (Additional silencer, radiator fan and engine oil pre-heater)

AP Racing brakes upgrade

Pre-preg carbon-fibre double front dive planes

Carbon-fibre splitter and rear diffuser

LED race lights

Triple-adjustable racing suspension

Air jack system

Enhanced Data Pack (SmartyCam video system with GPS and steering logging sensors)

Pre-preg carbon-fibre dashboard

Advanced dynamic laser ride height (front and rear) logging

Tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system

Suspension logging sensors

Electrically-activated fire extinguisher system

FiA certified 76-litre fuel cell

Fuel sampling/drain kit

Dry-break refuelling system

Nik-Link rollbar set

Trickle charge and jump starter pack

Forward-facing stay head protectors

Composite halo head restraint

Driver & passenger seat insert

Halo-inspired Cockpit Safety Structure

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