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Adam LZ is one of the YouTube elite when it comes to the world of aftermarket motoring, with almost 3 600 000 subscribers you can imagine the kind of following the man has. His YouTube content started way back in 2015 when he was in his mid-teens and it focused on all things BMX in a vlog-style presentation. This SXdrv staffer started following him years back after thinking I was still young and fit enough to get back into BMX, I wasn’t. Luckily over and above the BMX things, I’ve been a card-carrying Car Guy since about ten years before Adam Lizotte-Zeisler was born and so I stuck around as a subscriber on the channel because his automotive content was great. It was a good way to stay up to date with all the awesome motoring-related things happening around Florida and other automotive hotspots in the US. This latest upload is brilliant, it’s a humorous take on the popular ‘pops & bangs’ maps that modern turbocharged cars can run on resulting in ear-shattering, machine gun-like exhaust bangs. Pops & bangs are awesome, when they’re part of the car’s OEM tune, but when it’s on a fleet of Fiesta STs whose owners have shoot-offs at events and park-offs, it’s too much. Same as with that neighbour with a modified Mk7 R who likes to light it up returning from the club at 03:00 am.

It’s easy to load these maps, there are even wifi/Bluetooth apps that allow connection to the car’s ECU so drivers are able to enable and disable the popping maps, or even set the duration and sound level of the exhaust rapid fire imitation. Adam LZ decided to lead the charge against this trend that’s overstayed its welcome and he’s put together a new report-style video complete with interviews with those who do it and those against it. He’s also taken the opportunity to use the video to get awareness on some rad new T-shirts that have been added to his clothing line that we admittedly really, really want. If the Rand/dollar exchange rate wasn’t so bad we’d place an order for one of each, but we really don’t like the idea of spending our hard-earned cash on wicked Ts just to have them end up in the cupboard of an SA Post Office employee. They can buy their own damn merch!

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows why these pops & bangs maps on modern cars isn't as cool as the owners think it it. Well-known YouTuber Adam LZ leans the comical charge to stop this exhaust machine gun noise pollution: WE MUST STOP BURBLE TUNES | Adam LZ

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