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Gemballa is a well-known tuner that hails from Germany, the company has been tweaking and fiddling with cars since 1981, and over the years it's created more than a handful of limited number special edition cars using a host of different brands as the base. Their work is more well-known to Porsche fans here in SA though. In recent years the coolest project to come from the Leonberg, Germany-based tuner is the 700 hp / 720 Nm Gemballa MIG U1 that’s based on the limited number Ferrari Enzo that’s been infused with design cues taken from a MIG-25 Foxbat fighter aircraft. It’s pretty damn cool and being a 1 of 1 makes it even more desirable. So we know the company is capable of amazing design work and production and it makes sense that after using other cars as a base for their projects since 1981 it’s high time that the outfit created its own car under the Gemballa brand.

From the released teaser images, it looks like Gemballa is on to something special, especially if the production version actually resembles these CGI images. From the looks, it will be fast and will join the world of supercars because it looks like it will be sticking to the mid-engine layout with power directed to the rear wheels. We say this because a first-time attempt wouldn’t be an all-wheel drive thanks to the extensive R&D needed for the drivetrain. The car will likely be composed of carbon fibre in the construction of the bodywork, as is the norm these days. There’s no detail on the powerplant but we expect the car to feature a petrol-powered lump based on a statement from current Gemballa boss Steffen Korbach a few years back when he hinted at no less than 800 hp for the upcoming project. We hope to see this car make it to production, but we’re also quite sure that if it does make it that none will ever make it to South Africa seeing as the last big boss man from Gemballa came here on business and was never seen again.    
The Ferrari Enzo-based Gemballa MIG-U1

Take a look at the YouTube video, not of the upcoming car because it hasn't been created yet, but instead checkout what the German tuner is capable of when given the opportunity, in this case it was an already limited number Ferrari Enzo as a base to become a one of one called the MIG-U1: World's Only Ferrari MIG-U1! | Supercar Blondie

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