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The crew from Donut Media always make us happy, their content is brilliant and you can learn a heck of a lot from watching what they do. They do histories of well-known cars, car models, automotive personalities and more, as well as tech videos covering anything you can think of and it’s presented in a way anyone would be able to understand. We learned a lot from the chaps, but it's the entertaining comparison videos that we like most. The channel has an ongoing series called HiLow and the main vibe is getting two of the same cars and outfitting them with the same parts, but one car gets all the best name-brand parts and the other gets the same but using budget parts. This latest series saw the Donut Media crew purchase a pair of Subaru STis and turn them into competent weekend time-attack cars. At the end of all the modifications, the Low Car’s total build cost came in at $21 000 (R354 000) and Hi Car’s cost totalled $43 000 (R724 000). Admittedly in dollars it sounds much better than in our South African funny money. 

Off the bat, let’s just agree that modifying a pair of Subarus for this season’s comparison was a bad idea. There’s a reason the Japanese flat-fours have a reputation for lunching themselves, even with everything looked after and assembled properly. To get the Scoobies ready for time-attack action there were six areas the cars would be upgraded; suspension, wheels & tyres, race seats, a braking upgrade, aero and a turbo upgrade. Pretty much the usual recipe that every car guy on the planet sticks to. The series shows all the different categories of modifications being done to the cars in a step-by-step fashion with before and after testing. The series wraps up in this final summary episode where all the numbers are compared, and three important questions answered, namely which parts are worth spending the extra money on, which parts have the biggest impact on lap times, and of course the main one - how much faster is a $43 000 WRX vs a $21 000 WRX.

Take a look at the YouTube video from one of the coolest channels in the automotive sphere, Donut Media and check out the summary and results of the most recent in their HiLow YouTube series: $21,000 vs $43,000 Subaru WRX Build - HiLow FINALE! | Donut Media

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