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As 2022 winds down, world-renowned aftermarket tuner who dabbles in all things supercars has been releasing a flurry of amazing projects. This latest one comes a full 13 years after the company released its first Bentley Continental project that was called the Mansory Vitesse Rosé that was shown at the Frankfurt IAA Motorshow of that year. It was a different take on the normally sedate styling of the imposing limousine-like car. Since then the company has created a fair amount of these bespoke projects with cars of this calibre and many have been super desirable. This latest project that makes use of a Bentley as a base has been dubbed as the Mansory Vitesse One of One. The garish yellow and black theme is such a contrast to the usual muted tones of Bentley cars, and that ain’t no complaint. The fact that the split is carried through to the interior is, as they say in Durban, so much of win.

The Mansory Vitesse One of One is now seen in black and yellow, but instead of the usual way of doing a car in full yellow with black accents or black with yellow accents, the car was split down the middle with the driver’s side being yellow and the passenger side in black. As said, this colour change extends into the interior, again it’s been given an equal split matching the exterior paint and so the driver’s seat and the rear passenger seat are in yellow with black stitching and accents and the passenger side front and back seats are black with yellow stitching and accents. It looks great, unless you have some proper automotive OCD. Of course, the chaps at Mansory don’t just attend to the visuals of their project cars, they also turn some attention to the engine, and so the standard power figure of 542 hp with 770 Nm of torque, which is already rather impressive, now rises to a much healthier 750 hp with a monster 1 020 Nm of torque. That massive torque helps propel the 2 460 kg droptop to 100 km/h in just 3.3-seconds with the top speed up at a fast 332 km/h.

Take a look at the YouTube video that showcases the amazing one of one, split personality Bentley Continental GT droptop in it's black and yellow theme that is arguably the coolest Bentley from the famed aftermarket tuner Mansory: MANSORY Vitesse one of one based on the Bentley Continental GT Convertible | Mansory

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