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In the continuing trend by automakers to transform a normal streetcar into something capable of doing off-road duty with a full redesign instead of using an SUV already in the range, we now see Volkswagen jump on the proverbial bandwagon. Just over a year ago the German outfit released the fully-electric ID.4 GTX, which is admittedly an SUV of sorts, but while it is a little higher than a regular streetcar, it’s only really capable on gravel roads. The VW techs decided to use this EV as the base for an awesome concept that was much more suited to the task of having fun away from the tarmac, yet staying with the future of automotive technology - battery power. The company used their retired ID.4 GTX development car for this concept project and basically stripped it down and put it back together with more suitable off-road bits and pieces. Talk about getting the most use out of a development car as possible.

The ID. XTREME makes use of a second-life battery and modified battery, the used 77 kWh battery provides energy for the performance-enhanced electric drive at a new performance level that increases the original power output by 65 kW to a rather impressive 285 kW to demonstrate the enormous performance capacity and extraordinary versatility of Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB). The ID. XTREME can now accelerate 100 km/h in just 5.3-seconds, which is modern hot hatch performance in a bigger, heavier car and that makes it all the more impressive. “The all-electric concept vehicle with all-wheel drive is based on the ID.4 GTX and convincingly demonstrates the high technical potential of the modular electric drive matrix (MEB),” explains Andreas Reckewerth, Head of MEB Complete Vehicle. “The impressive electric power and the chassis with off-road capability are guarantees for extremely emotive driving experiences both on the road and on off-road terrain. In order to achieve this, the ID. XTREME combines the strengths of a modern SUV with the adventurous spirit and 4x4 capabilities of a robust off-roader.” The concept vehicle was designed and built in Volkswagen’s Engineering department in the team led by Andreas Reckewerth.

The ID.EXTREME features 30 mm higher and 20 mm wider rally running gear from VW’s motorsport division and the car rolls on 18-inch wheels with off-road tyres covered flush by 3D-printed wheel housing extensions that widen the wings by 50 mm and add to the off-road appearance. There’s underbody protection, an additional LED light strip on the outdoor roof rack, internally blackened, powerful front headlights and lens frames in orange, a tilting panoramic sunroof, customised paintwork, illuminated Volkswagen badges in the centre of the light strip at the front and rear with a host of changes to the interior.

Take a look at the YouTube video that sadly does not show off the Volkswagen ID.Extreme Concept Car because such a video doesn't exist yet, but feel free to take a look at the fully-electric ID.4 GTX which is the EV that this concept uses as the base: The all-electric ID.4 GTX | Volkswagen Way To Zero
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