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There’s always been a bit of distrust when it comes to cars made in China, often linked to inferior build quality and lack of reliability but there are Chinese automakers that produce more cars than the West realised. One major player is BYD, and their latest creation is an SUV that can rival the best the world has to offer, the Yangwang U8. This is one that will probably have a lot said about it because not only is it Chinese, but it’s also a fully-electric car that has a host of necessary technologies built-in along with four electric motors that result in an insanely high power output of over 1000 hp.  Yup, an all-electric Chinese SUV with great tech and mad power that will likely be priced quite competitively is something worth paying attention to. The only thing that everyone will be asking, along with us here at SXdrv, is will it make it to markets around the world?

The Chinese car market is rather strange at times. We often see new cars in production that are clear copies of cars made by other automakers around the world. We’re not talking about cars that are slightly similar, we’re talking about all-out copies in every way, besides the powertrain. In the case of the new BYD Yangwang U8, the side and dimensions do have quite a strong flavour of Land Rover Discovery, but the front and a few other details have been changed almost enough to give the SUV an identity of its own. Almost. There aren’t too many details and specs available yet, but so far we know the SUV has 4 electric motors on a ladder frame chassis that make up a monstrous 1 100 hp with over 1 600 Nm of torque, although no range is given. It’s claimed to be able to get to 100 km/h in 3-seconds though. There’s no top speed given yet but it can do 120 km/h with a flat tyre. Being a 4x4 on a ladder frame also indicates that it should be rather competent off-road too. Chinese buyers will need to fork out in the region of $145 000, or roughly R2 500 000.

Take a look at the YouTube video that takes a closer look at this immensely powerful new SUV from Chinese automaker BYD, a clear sign that Western automakers need to be afraid: BYD Yangwang U8 revealed with 1100 HP, 4 motors & amazing tech | The Electric Viking

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